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The Hidden Temple of Legend

Posted by Brandon (06/06/2018)

Whaddya' know? There's a brand new page, and it's another spread.  The Cap has gotten his crew into a real sticky situation here in this totally original temple, that we came up with, and didn't steal, nope sure didn't.  I bet that treasure chest is filled to the brim with Laguna Sports Wear, and Hershey Syrup Chocolate Milk Mix.

Watch out for those red jaguars and the blue barracudas,and also don't take an arrow to the dome.


Ian's avatarIan wrote:

If I were in the final stage and I was going through that temple and some guy in a costume that looked like the wall grabbed me, I would poop myself immediately, both out of fear, but also in self-defense.  The person holding onto me would promptly let go, then allowing me to run and complete the temple.

Did anybody ever actually make it all the way through the Hidden Temple?  I don't remember ever seeing that happen, and I've seen two episodes where somebody won Ninja Warrior.

I watch a lot of obstacle course shows, is what I'm saying.  I could put together a list of the best to worst and it would include more than 10 shows.  Ultimate Beastmaster would be around 4, but I can' commit to that without really running through the numbers.

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