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Lock Up Your Daughter, Lock Up Your Wife

Posted by Ian (11/14/2011)

So this is it.  This is the beginning of Waterlogged.  We've been working on this comic and this site for a long, long time and now we're finally kicking things off.  It's very exciting, very scary, and a little arousing but my doctor tells me that's normal.

With Waterlogged we're not going to do things the way you're used to with other webcomics.  We both wanted to draw the comic, so we're switching off every page.  This chapter starts with me doing the cover, Brandon doing page one, me doing Page two, etc.  Just try it out I promise it'll be great.  As our synopsis says:

Waterlogged is a comic about two fellas who are not very good at being pirates and their quest to become masters of their own destiny. Their destiny? Being pirates.
That's as good a description of what we have planned for the comic as we're going to get.  Dammit it's our jobs to entertain you and we're going to do it. We're the best people for the job.  We have big plans for this comic so buckle in.
I'd also like to thank Chris C for building us this sweet site.  We showed up with a briefcase of unmarked bills and he waved his magic Internets wand and poof we have a plank and a treasure chest and a boat.  Pure fakken magic. That guy is awesome drop him a line if you want website magic to happen for you.  He takes money.
This is a note to any fans we may or may not have in the future:
If you like the comic or read it or hate it or have any feelings in particular about it please don't refrain from e-mailing us or posting on the Facebook group or Tumblr and letting us know.  I'm a lonely guy so I get joy just out of knowing that anybody is paying attention.
I wanna end this post with "set sail for adventure" but that's cheesy and I wouldn't want to end this ribbon-cutting of sorts with something cheesy.  So...
Cut yer hair ya damn hippy.
Brandon's avatarBrandon wrote:
Be sure to check back here Thursday, November 24th, known to some as "Thanksgiving day" for the first official comic, and then every Wednesday after that.  Bring some friends too, possibly a dish to pass, and together we can all set sail for adventure!

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