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Goodnight Sweet Narwhal

Posted by Brandon (03/25/2017)

Killing off beloved characters AND a large plot revelation in the same page? Now that's what I call value.

Hey guys, how's it going.  It's good to be here another week for another page, and what a page it is.  They were at the wrong island, guys.  Mauve Beard's treasure is presumably still out there, but you know what isn't still out there? King Jared.  He's dead.  Like sleeping with the fishes level of dead.  Granted when he was alive he also slept with fishes, but i digress.  You see, me and Ian saw the success of Game of Thrones, and Walking Dead, and thought we'd cash in on some of that character killing stuff.  Crazy part is we don't even have 200 characters like those shows so we are way more brave and visionary than them.  No need to thank us, unless you really want to, then I'll accept any thanks.  Feel free to send your complaints to Ian.

Ian's avatarIan wrote:

What the heck guys I'm getting so many complaints. SO MANY COMPLAINTS

You know, if you count all the ghosts on Haunted Pie Island (we can call it that now), and the thousand souls of dead adventurers in the pie, our body count is TECHNICALLY in the thousands! If you don't count those, I think it's, like, 15 or so.

Also, if you look through the comic, there's a Haunted Pie Island on the Captain's map hidden in a page or two. But you didn't hear that from me. Oh wait, no, you did. You totally heard that from me. I'm still getting the hang of that idiom, folks.

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