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Definitely Stolen

Posted by Ian (04/19/2017)

You know how they say there's no honor among thieves? Well, what if I were to STEAL YOUR HEART?

Not in a metaphorical lovey-dovey way, I'm talking in an Indiana Jones "Kali Ma!" sort of way. I'm getting a collection together, is what I'm trying to say, and I hear your pumper is a real beauty.

Awkward introductions aside, it looks like the cat's out of the bag for Amos. I dunno about you, but Manny is lookin pretty mad at Amos right now. I bet he feels like he's been taken for a damn fool. Well, he kinda has, to be honest. I mean, really, who would believe the Captain would give two janitors his most prized treasure map unless they were a damn fool. In fact, I want everybody to look at the person to their left and the person to their right. Two out of three of you is a damn fool. Think hard on that one folks, and figure out which ones of you are the damn fools.

Right, so anyways, honor among thieves. That's a thing, right? Pretty sure I played a game one time that sorta used that as a tagline or something. I don't remember, I've been locked in the brig of a pirate ship for a while so everything just sort of starts to feel like a blur.

Anyways enjoy the comic! Jared's dead body is no longer on the front page of this website! Now you have to, like, click a button once to see it.

Brandon's avatarBrandon wrote:

I'll miss Jared's corpse.  It was like a brother to me.

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