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Silent Treatrment

Posted by Brandon (06/01/2017)

I don't know about you guys, but Manny seems a little upset to me.  A little steamed even.  One might describe him as angry, or irate.  I would go far as to say he's furious, seeing red, and downright beside himself.

Regardless, I'm happy that there's a new page.  It took a minute to get this one posted because I have been finishing up school during the day, and looking up synonyms for anger at night.  Real round the clock stuff, but that is all behind me now, and there is a comic in front of you now in turn. 

In other news, Ian and I have begun starting up a Patreon for Waterlogged.  It is officially live as of today, but will get some more perks and polish as time goes on.  If you like this comic, and/or supporting the artists behind it, Patreon is a totally excellent way to do that.  You can learn more about that here: https://www.patreon.com/WaterloggedComic  And I insist you do.

Until next time!

Ian's avatarIan wrote:

I was trying to help Brandon look up synonyms for "angry" but I ended up just looking up antonyms the whole time, which left me the opposite of pleased, content, cheerful, peaceful, and mild when I realized my mistake.

Yes folks, please donate to the Patreon we have lovingly set up. As you may have guessed, now is the time that we start begging you for money, because really, making a comic is damn hard work and I have to work real people jobs until this thing can get us enough money. I mean, it's close to a real person job, except they're using some simple loopholes so that they don't have to give me insurance or anything like that. Figure, eh?

So here's the link again, and then once more just for posterity.



Thanks for reading folks, and we hope to see you next week!

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