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All Apologies

Posted by Ian (06/15/2017)

I dressed up in a hot mascot suit this week for chump change instead of working on this comic. You can change that by becoming a Patron of Waterlogged!

This page took me a while because I tried something new. I learned a lot in the process of doing it but I don't think I'll be doing it again.

In this page, Brandon and I had long discussed how we needed to break up the non-stop gut-busting laugh riots with a lil bit of character, relationships, and emotions. This page, we agreed, fulfills that. So get ready to jump right back into the non-stop gut-busting laugh riots!

Every so often there are those shows that want to make you laugh all the time that decide they want to make you cry. Futurama, Rick and Morty, We Bare Bears, Saw 5. However, when those shows decide to go for real feelings (or, more commonly referred to as "fee-fees"), they need to remember they are shows about poops jokes, so it's preferable if they have that moment where, oh, I'm so touched, and then they jump right back into the comedy. Otherwise the mood of the show tends to be unbalanced.

Then you can go the route of the movie Life Is Beautiful, which started out as a fairly entertaining and light-hearted movie about a goofball trying to marry a beautiful young woman he's fallen in love with, only to decide halfway through that what it actually wanted  to be was a movie about the Holocaust, and once you make that turn it's pretty much impossible to steer that bus back around into Comedy Town.

Speaking of which, did you know that Jerry Lewis once made a movie about a clown trying to entertain children in the concentration camps that ends with them all walking into a gas chamber together? Holy hell.

And with that I'm having a hard time bringing the conversation back around to something light-hearted and not depressing. How do you bounce back after talking about the Holocaust? You can't, really.

So uh...

Bye, I guess.

*kicks rock and shuffles down the road awkwardly*

Brandon's avatarBrandon wrote:

Ok, Brandon. It's up to you to make this funny again. You can do this, it's the moment you've been training for...




How many illustrators does it take to make a webcomic?

Two! One to make the comic one week, and the other to make it every other week..


Sounded better in my head. I'll be here all week, tip your waitresses, goodnight.



Ian's avatarIan wrote:

It was a good try, Brandon. I think that one falls under one of those "Funny because it's true" sort of jokes.

Also! I forgot to mention this but one of our promises on our Patreon was giving a shout-out to people who become Patrons of our the Glorious People's Webcomic of Waterlogged.

So Colin Freeman, come on down!

We've known Colin for a while, he's been a member of the animation group forum that Brandon and I actually first crossed paths on. He's a fantastic artist, a smart dude, and, honestly, just a really nice guy! He's got a website and it would behoove us to link you to it so you can perhaps check out the kind of cool stuff he does.

He's the first (and, currently, only) Patron that we have, and we're very honored to have him be. I mean, everybody remembers their first. Ha ha, sex joke.

Thanks again, buddy, we hope we never disappoint ya.

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