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Aged to Perfection

Posted by Brandon (07/12/2017)

Wow, two toilet jokes in one page, now that's what I call real value.  Of course we are always trying to get more in there, but I guess this time we were just able to weasel that second one past our crack team of editors.  YOU CAN'T CENSOR US ANYMORE.

This page also covers two things I am very familiar with:  Fine wines, and lying to people you just met so that they won't hate you.  

Ian's avatarIan wrote:

It's a common technique in television and movies to write a joke you know the censors will hate, and try to disguise it by writing something the censors will hate EVEN MORE at some point before it, so that when the censors reach the joke you actually wanna keep, they don't think it's so bad anymore and they let it slide.

Well, we did that with this comic. Bet you didn't know we had censors! Well, we do. Brandon and I will put on fake mustaches and monocles and reread our comics, and if one of our monocles falls off from reading a joke, it gets cut for being too offensive. If both of our monocles fall off, however, we just make a racist ghost grandma say it.

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