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Posted by Ian (09/13/2017)

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Hey folks! Are you a fan of full-page spreads in comics? I sure hope so, because this is sort of one of them!

Here we get a little bit of backstory on Courtney and The Captain. This is, of course, the backstory before the REAL backstory, where we do the prequel that show Amos and Manny as kids and tell you about how The Captain became Darth Vader.  I think that's what we have planned, right?

*checks notes*

Yup, that's exactly what we have planned.  Although, I guess I shouldn't have told you that.  But really, if you didn't already know The Captain was going to become Darth Vader from the very beginning of the prequels, then that's just on you. It was so obvious.

Oh, also, Brandon and I had our first meet up! That's right folks, after I think 11 or so years of us talking online and playing games and collaborating on many projects (not just Waterlogged), we finally saw each other face to face. I showed him around Philadelphia and we got drunk and ate a bunch of food every night and it was a real good time.  We saw animals!

I might post some pics later, but it was a really cool week and I'm happy we finally made the effort.  Well, he made most of the effort, what with paying for travel and taking time off work and coming to a city he's never been to before and trusting in the fact that I was not some elaborate Catfish.

Which I am, he just doesn't know it yet. It's all in the slow burn when it comes to elaborate Catfishing.

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