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Thar' She Blows

Posted by Brandon (11/24/2011)

Gosh, the first page of this newfangled webcomic.  How exciting.

What better day than Thanksgiving no less, the day that we remember the Native Americans who taught us lessons of survival, such as growing vegetables like "maize" which means corn, and "pizza" which means pizza. 

Ian and myself really hope you enjoy this comic, as it goes on, and we are certain you will, just you wait and see.  It was mentioned last post, but this comic will be unique because it has two artists instead of one.  We are pioneers blazing the lonely trail of webcomics! Hooray!  My excitement is rubbing off on you isn't it? I knew it would.

I feel I should mention something about this page in particular, so I will.  In all honesty, I am not sure what a poop deck really is, or what it's purpose is.  I'm certain I could easily check Wikipedia and have my answer in a matter of minutes, but first off, the site is currently asking for donations, and in doing so they find it necessary to post uncomfortable pictures of their developers, which I do not want to look at.  I don't!  Secondly, I'm sure my immature mentality would be disappointed to find a poop deck is not nearly as interesting as it's name implies.  So it will remain shrouded in mystery, and I'm fine with that.

Before I go I want to mention that we have a Facebook, and a Tumblr, that you should check out for extras like storyboards, and sketches, and whatever we decide upon, as well as updates, so go check that out, links are in the footer, and on the "About" page.  They are a tad empty at the moment, but be patient, you!

Now I will leave you with a quote I find inspirational, and very appropriate for the unveiling, and beginning of our hopefully long-running comic.

"Books are dumb and would be better if they had pictures, and were on the internet, and updated in a weekly fashion." - Friedrich Nietzsche


P.S. - Unfortunately I had to visit Wikipedia to find out how to spell Friedrich Nietzsche.

Ian's avatarIan wrote:

We work for two years on this thing and our first page is a poop joke?

What am I doing with my life?

Ian's avatarIan wrote:

Hey folks, do you see our neat little donate button down there?  I hear there's a legend told by the ancients that say if you don't click that button I'll find you and murder you.  Shall we see if these legends are true?

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