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The Freaky Friday

Posted by Ian (12/01/2011)

NOTE:: Time has managed to befuddle my simple mind and I posted this on Thursday instead of Wednesday.  If you'll accept an excuse, it is finals week and stress does crazy things to a person (seriously, look that stuff up someday).  Sorry folks, we will actually update on time from now on.


So this here is page dos of Waterlogged.  You may notice that page uno looks very different from page dos.  We warned you about this, WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE US.  As we told you before, Brandon and I will be switching off doing the art every page.  This might seem weird and unnecessary to you.  Allow us to explain the reasons we are doing this format for the art.

1.) It's interesting.

If you've ever trolled the archives of other webcomics (or regular comics), you may notice how the artwork transforms over time.  It's interesting (if you're into that kinda stuff), and now for Waterlogged it's DOUBLY INTERESTING!  2x the artists, 2x the fun.  Also, think of it as a competition.  If you wanna e-mail me and let me know how much better my art is than Brandon's, you are more than welcome.

2.) It benefits our art.

Simply put, we could learn a thing or two about how we portray the same characters and situations, and in the long-term it will really be beneficial to our artwork, which benefits you because more purty pictures to look at.

3.) We're busy.

I'm in college, man, I'm busy.

4.) I'm lazy.

I'm in college, lady, I'm lazy.

Those are our reasons.  I am sure that in time you will learn to love this unique approach to our art like I do (mostly because I'm lazy).  This also allows us some breathing room with making the finished pages, which takes the longest (duh), and we plan to update this comic on time every time.  Except for today where I got all mind-stranged on the time jazz.

Brandon's avatarBrandon wrote:

If you feel the need to email Ian, telling him he is the better artist, I'd really appreciate it.  His self-confidence is non existent, and large amounts of pity will probably keep him from hanging himself which would be great to avoid.  Mainly because I'll be stuck drawing twice as many BETTER LOOKING comics.

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