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Think Fast

Posted by Brandon (12/07/2011)

Well, golly.  We successfully posted the comic on the correct day, what a feat to behold.  As Ian mentioned last week, we happened to have a simultaneous brain fart, and missed Wednesday all together, but luckily you are a forgiving audience of course.

Today the news post is going to remain short, because I had 4 wisdom teeth removed today, and I am in a combined state of pain/loopiness.  The loopiness can be attributed to the medication I am on post surgery, and the pain is from my brain's need to inform me that part of my head is missing.  Let it go brain, I got over it, why can't you?

As for this page.  That mug was perfectly good.  This is why we can't have nice things..


Ian's avatarIan wrote:

You know the real kicker to Carl's "mug-throw" antics is that Amos and Manny are gonna have to clean up that mess.

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